We align market, positioning, and vision to enable transformative growth.


We work to liberate people, ideas, and organizations.


We provide bespoke acumen for companies and collaborations adapting to global change.



The greatest impediment to innovation is working with multiple versions of the truth.


You’re like a truth surgeon. You went in, spotted the illusions and confusion, and put what was genuine, compelling and magnetic in the right place—precisely where our audience could get to it.

— Danielle LaPorte, WhiteHotTruth, creator of The Fire Starter Sessions

What we do

We liberate systems that no longer serve you.


Our industry approach and organizational insight enables us to see what others miss to create transformational change. It leads to the highest possible strategic vision, reflecting one version of the truth throughout your organization that reflects who you are, what you’ve built together, and where you must direct your energy and effort in order to prosper.

Strategy is about making choices. Are you making the right ones?

A truly strategic approach grows with your organization as you reach your highest potential.

Our process leads to a depth of organizational insight that enables us to see what others miss.

The problem you thought you had is often something else. We keep working until we find the end of the thread that lies at the root of your challenges.


No one ever goes to work wanting to do a bad job. Yet many employees live lives of quiet desperation in their cubicles, unable to meaningfully affect change. Disempowered to help themselves, or those around them.

Our goal is autopoeisis: A system capable of reproducing and maintaining itself. Engaged employees self-organizing to generate optimum results.

Are you getting the most you can from your team?


Your organization must constantly adapt to changing market realities, competition and technological advances. A steady hand on the tiller will fail if you aren’t watching the weather. Despite best intentions and past success, there are times when what worked in the past is unlikely to work today. We’re in that climate now. .

How you are perceived in the marketplace must:

Constantly adapt to changing market realities, competition and innovation

Always reflect who you are and what you have built, together

Your brand isn’t what you say it is, it’s what comes to mind when others think of you.

Rikia’s advice has been an indispensable element of my career, accelerating the growth of every business I’ve been a part of, not to mention spurring my own development as an executive. I rely on her to think through every angle and, in many instances, to get me out of the weeds and thinking strategically again. It’s incredibly rare to work with someone who so effortlessly combines such high intellectual horsepower with the empathy and global perspective that busy leaders so often miss.

— Damir Hot, CEO at Canalyst


A selection of published articles and excerpts.

[Rikia has] a fantastic mind and a wonderful grasp of strategy, connectivity and the power of a story.

— Brad Batz, President, Fike Corporation


Rikia Saddy


A trusted advisor to political and business leaders, Rikia Saddy leverages a unique combination of business acumen, empathy, vision and objectivity to transform organizations for strategic growth.

Rikia is a published author, respected pundit, and gifted public speaker. She holds an International MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Business, the top ranked graduate school in its field for 22 years, where she won the top award for marketing. She earned her undergraduate degree in economics and sociology at the University of Alberta, and has studied at New York University, Parsons, the School of Visual Arts and the Sorbonne.

Born headfirst into a Muslim/Catholic/Jewish/Anglican family, Rikia Saddy has traveled and lived around the world, working in Vancouver, London, Paris & New York as a strategist for governments to global advertising agencies. Combining cultures and contexts, with a passion for politics stoked by intervals abroad, and through her own company’s drive for new models of social change, she has been engaged on leadership and election campaigns at the civic, state and national levels. Researching and writing articles on topics as varied as the war in Afghanistan to the Norwegian Study of Democracy to Education Reform, the breadth of her portfolio is only matched by the infectious energy and curiosity that drives her every commitment and desire, frankly, to build a better world. Quite simply, Rikia Saddy is a gifted communicator and one of the most passionate people I know.

— Salimah Y. Ebrahim, CEO, Artery

Partial Client List

Rikia Saddy has advised:

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation



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